Feb 21, 2011 For a complete list of new features in.NET Framework 4.7, see this web page. What is the.NET Framework? The.NET Framework is the core programming language and infrastructure of Microsoft's.NET platform..NET Framework 4.7 is a new version of.NET Framework, including version 4.7 of the Common Language Runtime (CLR). The.NET Framework provides a core set of runtimes, compilers, and languages that can be used to build and run all the.NET applications. This page describes.NET Framework 4.7. Aug 23, 2013 For other versions of the.NET Framework, see the Version table. .NET Framework,.NET Framework 4.7.NET Framework 4.7 provides a new set of language features and. NET FRAMEWORK V 4.7 LANGUAGE Packs AND DEVELOPERS TOOLS Aug 23, 2013 Available languages for.NET Framework 4.7:   .NET Framework 4.7 supports all the languages that are available for the.NET Framework 4.7. This means that you can develop and run your application in any of the supported languages, even if your users have the latest language packs installed. .NET FRAMEWORK V 4.7 SOFTWARE PACKS Aug 23, 2013 Available software packs for.NET Framework 4.7:   .NET Framework 4.7 provides a new collection of software packs. These packs are self-contained libraries that enable you to build an application or manage your.NET Framework. .NET FRAMEWORK V 4.7 PRODUCTS Aug 23, 2013 Available products for.NET Framework 4.7:   .NET Framework 4.7 is a full product that includes a runtime, language packages, software packs, and developer tools. You can download.NET Framework 4.7 from the Microsoft Download Center or from the.NET Framework 4.7 web page. NET FRAMEWORK V 4.7 DIAGRAMS Aug 23, 2013 Downloading.NET Framework 4.7:   .NET Framework 4.7 is provided in a variety of formats. Each format includes a set of language packages, runtime, software packs, and developer tools. The source code for the.NET Framework 4.7 is available in the.NET Framework source code repository. To download.NET Framework 4.7, go to ac619d1d87

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